Laurie has always been drawn to horses and dogs, and drawing pictures. The Black Stallion series and Will James’ western stories were favorites of hers as a young girl, not only for the stories but also for the wonderful illustrations. Her interest in wildlife and landscapes did not come until several years later when her family moved to Wyoming. Most recently, Laurie spent some time in Ireland and fell in love with its history and landscapes.

Born in Wyoming, as young girl her family moved around the West from Washington to Oklahoma. It was not until they returned to Wyoming in her senior year of high school that Laurie was reintroduced to the Rocky Mountains and the abundant wildlife found there.

The first weekend there, her father took the family on a drive out to what is now Fossil Butte National Monument. It was a late summer day – hot, dusty and dry. Just up the hill, with the bluffs of the Butte as a backdrop, stood a small band of mustangs. The stallion stood dutifully between the intruders and his mares and foals. Beautiful, wild, free — and then gone in a cloud of dust. That settled it, Laurie was hooked on the outdoors and the animals found in those mountains and high desert plains.

Laurie began seriously working on the goal of being a wildlife artist in the late 70’s and continued actively until about 1986. During these years, Laurie entered several art shows and displayed some of her paintings in the galleries in the area. It was also during this time that Laurie married and started a family of her own. Her art took a back seat to raising her daughter.

Laurie’s teenage daughter’s activity with her horse and 4-H activities rekindled the love Laurie had for drawing horses. She began sketching again. These sketches lead to small portraits for friends. More to the point, Laurie started seriously thinking about working as an artist again. After her family had moved on Laurie began seriously pursuing her art once again.

In 2006, she rolled her interest in Ireland and art into a sabbatical to Ireland and studied at a small art college for a year. Ireland and its history and beautiful landscapes have become a sort of “soul-place” for her and plays a large role in many of her works.