Old Olympia Brewery

1/22/14 – Ok, now it is done.







And the result is…  not quite done.  I’m going to put it away for a few days and come back to it with fresher eyes.

But… I did enjoy working on it.  I “fought” the color for the first few days.  How to use it, how to get it to do what I wanted it to do, at least what I thought I wanted it to do.  Then, as I became more familiar with how the pencils handled, what happened with different layering, different pressures, it started fighting it less and enjoying the effects of layering and blending.


So, the idea was to take the old Olympia Brewery in Tumwater as it currently sits in its state, still standing but in a sad state of neglect and ruin.  Then think about what it once was, when it was first built and put into service in 1906.  It was fun reading about some of the old history and visiting the current site imagining what it once looked like.  So, I took that image of lost days of its youth and put that in the reflection on the water.  Keeping with the idea of the old black and white photos (and my love of pencil), I rendered the reflection in graphite only.  Showing the building in tact and the houses on the hillside behind the brewery, now obliterated by the wall of trees and foliage that has retaken the hillside.


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