Project Complete.  What a treat to do these two dogs.  Going from curly rough coats of Irish Terriers to smooth black and tan was a fun shift it techniques too.  One thing about dogs is an almost endless supply of challenges in rendering coats as well as personality. 🙂



Should have it done by the end of the Memorial Weekend.  Untitled_Panorama1 websmWhat a lovely weekend for weather here!  Took the drawing board outside for the afternoon yesterday and was able to make some good progress.  (I’ll mow the lawn tomorrow…)Untitled_Panorama3_web_sm

4/14 – Where did April go???  A couple of sunny days had me out planting a tree and vines and moving patio stones… planned to be a little further along by now.  But, looks like O’Sigh is getting close to being done.  Am gong to move to Isis now and will pull together finishing on both of them when she is at about the same place.osigh-and-isis0005 3/17/13 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!Untitled_Panorama13/10/13 – work to date


My new project is another commission of two beautiful rottweiler dogs.  Smaller this time and lots of black, so should be yet another challenge to not only capture their individual looks, one soft and a bit “come hither” and the other intense and full of energy, but also the various shades of black and tan.  Enjoy 😉  I am going to !


ISIS_25_sm osigh-and-isis0003


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