Irish Terriers

8/7/2012 – Rosie and Dylan, finished.  What a fun project.  I learned a bunch about the texture of wire haired coats.


7/3/2012 – I think I’ll be done by the 4th.  Getting close now.

6/25/2012 – Won’t be long now…

6/9/2012 Progress!  I got to meet Dylan a couple of weeks ago.  What a charmer.  And so so so helpful to see the subject first hand.  I had just started working on his drawing so I was able to see the textures, build, size first had.  Thanks Linda!

Rosie and Dylan

Currently on the Drawing Board…

Has been a very busy month, but I’ve managed to find bits of time to do some more work on Rosie.  Muzzle and right side now about 60% done.  I’m hoping to get started on Dylan this weekend

section nearly done 4/12

4/10/2012 Progress on Rosie

I’ve been working on the final drawing for a few days now.  Starting with Rosie and will work from left to right – more or less…  Size it too large to scan so I’m left taking photos to post.  Lighting leaves a lot to be desired, but hopefully you get the idea!


I’ve taken the info from the customer and made a few changes, then did a small ( 5×7 ) mock up.  So here is where it stands as of this morning’s work…

Draft layout, now to fine tune the characteristics…

A couple more ideas, a little more space, and closed mouth on both…. hmmmm….

 2/14 – compositions

At this point I’m working on fine tuning the composition.  The layout will be landscape.  Here are a couple of ideas…

New Drawing –

Well here goes.  My next project has started, and it should be fun and challenging.  This one is much larger then I’ve done in a few years, that alone will be a challenge.  The dogs are Irish Terriers, both with loads of personality and very different from each other.  The roughed up composition is below.  Now to fine tune that to reflect the 2 individuals.  Round eyes vs almond eyes, short rough coat vs longer softer coat, stately and dignified vs the rougue ball of energy.  Hopefully I can capture bits of that in this drawing!


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